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1200. Friends all over: Happy New Year 2013!

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Friends all over: Happy New Year 2013!
Johan Galtung
With more of our new formula, front page of A Theory of Peace:
                 EQUITY X HARMONY
         PEACE = -----------------
                 TRAUMA X CONFLICT
developed in "Peace", Int, Enc, of the Social Sciences, PM, ATOP.
Permit me a little report on where we are in TRANSCEND; more on the next page reporting an incredibly challenging fall term.
Transcend Peace Service: Mediation at the micro-meso-macro-mega levels for all four formula tasks: equity-harmony-conciliation-resolution.  The focus has been on Afghanistan, Iran, Israel-Arab states, Syria. Fernando Montiel, Tats Arai, Cesar Villanueva, Emma Leslie do terrific jobs, to mention some, and, indeed, the SABONA team.
Transcend Peace University:  A very successful experiment with a new way of running Advanced Theory of Conflict (and Peace), with a focus on six modules of current politics and SKYPE to come closer to onsite.  Erika is an incredibly competent administrator of the complexities.
Transcend University Press: Reconciliation, Peace Mathematics (PM) and Peace Economics (PE) published 2012, A Theory of Peace (ATOP) coming; selling well outside Europe and in Spanish (Fernando!)--but let us see England end January; Atlantic College and U. of Liverpool.  After all, the language matters.  Dieter steers it very competently, indeed.
Transcend Media Service: More used than ever, also by journalists. Antonio has all the concrete data.
Transcend Research Institute: A home has been found in the Galtung- Institut, Basel Germany, also for the huge Hexagon Project, with Gerd Junne as a very important contributor.  Naakow, the director, is very entrepreneurial and innovative intellectually at the same time, with Erika, Benno, Karoline and more; also working on our economy.
Add to that the prizes for showing the road to (not yet) peace, and you sense what I am aiming at: TRANSCEND works, functions.  There is the Johan-Dietrich nucleus, and we will be there for a long time; but decreasingly indispensable.  We see university courses using "the Hawai'i model" (used by EPU and WPA) all over, mediation more or less using the Transcend approach; dispersed, decentralized, as ought to be.
So you will pardon me a sense of "mission accomplished", even if those words were abused by somebody unmentionable.  I see the end of my books and too much travel; not of mediation and TPU by SKYPE, nor editorials and research.  But there is also a life outside TRANSCEND and you will increasingly also find me there, with my beloved Fumi, my always transcending companion.   New Year 2012/13  Much love,  Johan Galtung
08/19:    Grimstad, UiA: Hamsun, Ibsen, Verden og Vi: Deres utopier
In tiny Grimstad Ibsen worked in a pharmacy and Hamsun had his farm, the two greatest Norwegian authors both had world view and utopias; a great challenge to bridge peace and art spaces to make them visible.
08/31:    Kongsvinger: SABONA: Barnehave, skole, arbeidsliv
Sabona=Transcend in daily life: teachers and children 8-12 learning to handle bullying; kindergarten teachers and children 2-4 to share toys, to wait for their turn, to use words not fists; couples to relate.
09/05:    Charlotte NC: Democratic National Convention US Peace Policy
On the margin of the DNC a forum for what US peace policy might look like and what stands in the way, including an analysis of the huge Muslim diaspora in the world in general, and USA-Europe in particular.
09/20-26; 11/7-3: Puebla, Mexico DF ComNaPaz; Tucumán, Buenos Aires
Mediation makes great progress: a National Commission for Peace is proposed to reduce inequality and fight the drug-violence industries; proposals for Malvinas, Cuba normalization, drug legalization and OAS.
10/01:    UNHRC Social Forum: People-Centered Dev't and Globalization
Opening the UN Forum with 3 points: lifting the bottom up with a focus on the most needy in the poorest communities; not touching the rich, have them join; using six, not only one, models of development.
10/03:    Istanbul: Turkey-Cyprus, -Kurds-, -Armenia, -Syria: What? Equality for Greece-Turkey in Cyprus and EU; human rights-autonomies for Kurds in 4 countries making a Kurdistan; Turks-Kurds apologizing-compensating to Armenians; non-territorial federalism for Syria.
10-04:    Istanbul: Balkan Wars at 100; And Good Neighborhood?
The 1912-13 wars created a fragmented Balkans that can be overcome by giving "Balkanization" the positive connotation of building a region with a Commission for cooperation, reconciliation, and resolution.
10/04-06: Rhodos, Civ Dia: The Hexagon USA-EU-Russia-China-India-OIC
NGO cooperation between the Dialogue Forum and Transcend on training in peace politics and dialogues in Russia as a possible region?  What can  the 6 poles in the Hexagon learn from each other positively?
10/07-08: New York, Russell Tribunal on Palestine: On Sociocide
The case of sociocide--killing materially-structurally-culturally--not people and nature--was made for the jury for Israel vs Palestine; including the possibility of Israeli committing sui-sociocide.
10/18:    Valencia, Foro Mundial Mediación: 50 años de experiencias
Opening the World Mediation Forum with 50 years negative and positive experiences from micro to mega on equity-harmony-trauma-conflict, with pointers forward to what is missing: a mediation-solution culture.
10/23:    Norrköping, ESF: Cold War Discourse Switch, and Middle East?
From "free world" vs "anti-imperialism" to "nuclear disarmament and human rights" united movements and ended the Cold War; for West/Islam and Israel/Palestine how to depolarize discourses constructively.
11/16-17: Virginia Tech: Symposium on Reconciliation and Resolution
The massive killing horrors beg for conflict resolution and trauma reconciliation for the USA as a whole.  Keynotes and workshops dealt with this in detail; as underdog revolts with a mental dimension.
12/7-9: Basel TPU: West/Islam-Africa-GIPSI-Americas-SABONA-West Asia
The last of six modules in a 12 weeks Transcend Peace University experimental course online and onsite, with SKYPE between resource persons and participants, and six collective solution-oriented papers.
12/12: Basel Galtung-Institut: Wider den Anti-Semitismus: we need academic, and speech, freedom for constructive discourses to fight anti-Semitism, to explain, to prevent and to learn, also for Israel-Palestine and nazism-Hitler-WWII; not discourse control.
12/17: Frankfurt am Main: Structural Violence and the Handicapped
How does the hierarchy-polyarchy-equiarchy-anarchy structural violence and peace typology relate to a typology of handicaps and wellness?
Johan Galtung. Fundador de los Estudios científicos sobre la Paz. Director de Transcend: A Peace and Development Network y Rector de la Transcend Peace University. Fundador del International Peace Research Institute de Noruega. Profesor Investigador sobre Conflicto y Paz en la Universidad de Oslo de 1969 a 1977. Mediador en conflictos internacionales (Sri Lanka, Afganistán, Ecuador, etc.). Ganador del Premio Nobel Alternativo de la Paz en 1987 y el Premio Gandhi en 1993. Autor de más de 50 libros y más de 1,000 artículos publicados.

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